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Signed by the Governor Bill analysis. HB [Burns, Raymond, Collier Sponsor: Hughes] Relating to the authority of a peace officer to release in lieu of arrest certain persons with an intellectual or developmental disability. SB [Watson Sponsor: Israel] Relating to the release by a peace officer of certain individuals suspected of the offense of public intoxication. SB [Kolkhorst Sponsors: Lambert, Guillen] Relating to an initiative to increase the capacity of local mental health authorities to provide access to mental health services in certain counties.

SB [Nelson Sponsor: Flynn] Relating to the administration of a grant program to support community mental health programs for veterans and their families. Opioid-Related Reforms. HB [Sheffield, Zerwas, Price, Moody, Klick Sponsor: Huffman] Relating to programs and initiatives to prevent and respond to opioid addiction, misuse, abuse, and overdose and identify and treat co-occurring substance use disorders and mental illness. SB [Huffman Sponsors: Phil King, Guillen, Parker, Sheffield] Relating to the creation of a grant program to assist law enforcement agencies with the purchase of opioid antagonists.

12222 Bills That are Still Moving or Have Become Law

Human and Sexual Trafficking-Related Reforms. HB [Senfronia Thompson, Landgraf, Calanni, Julie Johnson Sponsor: Huffman] Relating to inclusion of instruction on the trafficking of persons in the basic training curriculum for peace officers.

HB [Senfronia Thompson Sponsor: Huffman] Relating to training requirements for a member of the board of trustees and the superintendent of an independent school district regarding sexual abuse, human trafficking, and other maltreatment of children. HB [Blanco Sponsor: Taylor] Relating to required human trafficking prevention training as a condition of registration permit or license renewal for certain health care practitioners.

East Texas sex offender charged with running limo business for children

HB [Senfronia Thompson, Moody, Parker, White, Allen Sponsor: Zaffirini] Relating to the review of clemency applications from certain persons who were victims of human trafficking or family violence. HB [Senfronia Thompson, Lopez, Collier Sponsor: Huffman] Relating to required reporting of human trafficking cases by certain law enforcement entities and by prosecutors.

SB 72 [Nelson Sponsor: Guillen] Relating to the establishment and duties of the human trafficking prevention coordinating council. HB [Shaheen, Krause, Zedler, Cortez, Raymond Sponsor: Hughes] Relating to the punishment for the offense of fraudulent destruction, removal, or concealment of a writing that is attached to tangible property; enhancing a criminal penalty. HB [Moody, Stickland, Oliverson, Frullo Sponsor: Perry] Relating to the criminal consequences of engaging in certain conduct with respect to certain instruments designed, made, or adapted for use in striking a person.

CPD Transitioning Programs

HB [Tracy O. King, Larson, Gutierrez, Rodriguez, Burrows Sponsor: Perry] Relating to the production and regulation of hemp; requiring occupational licenses; authorizing fees; creating criminal offenses; providing civil and administrative penalties.

1. First, Definitions Are Provided to Include Computers and the Internet

HB [Canales Sponsor: Alvarado] Relating to a defense to prosecution for the criminal offense of operating a vehicle with an expired license plate. State-Level Reforms. NOTE: This bill includes an amendment to increase access to peer support services for individuals incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

County-Level Reforms. State-Level Reform. HB [Jarvis Johnson, Wu, Ramos, Morales Sponsor: Whitmire] Relating to an annual report concerning the number of inmates who have been in the conservatorship of a state agency responsible for providing child protective services. HB [White Sponsor: West] Relating to the establishment of a task force to conduct a comprehensive study on best practice standards for the detention of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Improved Access to Employment and Economic Opportunity. HB [Guillen Sponsor: Powell] Relating to the use of the skills development fund by certain entities and a study and report regarding the effectiveness of that fund. Sponsor: Johnson] Relating to providing discharged or released inmates with certain documents, including documents to assist the inmate in obtaining employment.

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HB [Frank, Goldman, Deshotel, Miller, Rose Sponsor: Perry] Relating to a pilot program for assisting certain recipients of public benefits to gain permanent self-sufficiency. HB [Phelan; Romero, Jr. SB 37 [Zaffirini Sponsors: Krause, Hernandez, Blanco, Oliverson, Shaheen] Relating to a prohibition on the use of student loan default or breach of a student loan repayment or scholarship contract as a ground for refusal to grant or renew an occupational license or other disciplinary action in relation to an occupational license.

SB [Hancock Sponsor: White] Relating to the eligibility for certain occupational licenses and the use of a person's criminal history as grounds for certain actions related to the license. The state legislature has continually amended or tweaked these programs ever since. The offender must provide the following information:.

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All required sex offender information must be kept current and the offender must comply with all the conditions of registration. Failure to fully comply with sex offender registration requirements can result in a felony prosecution.

Making the Case Against Banishing Sex Offenders

Depending on the initial conviction that required registration, the punishment can range from 6 months in a state jail facility to 20 years in prison. The department adds, according to the Statesman , approximately five new offenders each day, steadily increasing the management costs. In , Congress enacted the Adam Walsh Act AWA that created three tiers of sex offender registration for all adults and juveniles convicted of a sex offense: Tier I offenders are required to register years; Tier II offenders must register for 25 years; and Tier III offenders face registration from a minimum of 25 years to life.

The AWA is a severe approach to dealing with sex offenders. It imposes a rigid management mandate on the states that limits their ability to establish rehabilitation programs for their sex offenders.

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Long before the AWA, many states, like Texas, had their own sex offender registration requirements and they resented the Congress with the AWA telling them how to handle their own sex offenders. Justice Department told the states they would loss 10 percent of federal criminal justice grants if they did not implement the AWA by July Texas lawmakers, including some highly credentialed Republicans, rebelled; in effect, the State told the Justice Department to keep their grant money; that the state would continue to use its law to supervise its sex offenders in their local communities.

In , the primary difference between SORP and the AWA was this: most Texas lawmakers, as does DPS to this day, believed that 90 percent of its registered sex offenders were non-dangerous and could live in the community without posing a risk to public safety while the AWA is offense-driven without any concern for individual rehabilitation. For example, under the AWA, if a person commits a Tier I, II or III offense, they will remain under registration for the proscribed period under each tier without any regard to their rehabilitation or non-dangerousness.

In fact, in , the Statesman reported that former North Texas conservative Republican Lawmaker Ray Allen introduced a bill that would have authorized a process for low-risk sex offenders to get off the Texas [registration] list. We now have more than 85, people on the registry. The AWA stands for the exact opposite.