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Cambiar a vista Cadena. It is safe to assume without hesitation that the Quiles people arrived in Puerto Rico from Spain, though some might have gone from Spain to the Canary Islands and then came to Puerto Rico from the Canary Islands. Although records documenting the arrival from Spain of the first Quiles people to Puerto Rico are incomplete, there is ample historical evidence that supports the origin of the Quiles surname as coming from the region of Castilla-La Mancha.

Specifically, the largest numbers of Quiles people have been located in the Province of Albacete using birth records. Quiles people have lived in different towns of the Province such as Caudete, Almansa, Lazuza and the city of Albacete proper. The city of Albacete is the capital of the Province with a population of , and is situaded on a wide plain at 2, ft m above sea level. The city links the Meseta Castellana with Andalucia and Levante within the Province with which it shares its name. The Province of Albacete covers 14, Km2 of territory and has a population of , data from Historically, the city was given different names, Abula by the Romans and Al Basit, meaning the plain, by the Moors.

Regarding the early presence of Quiles people in Spain, there are anecdotal stories about historical records that may be found in Jaca, Spain, which could confirm that Quiles people fought against the Moors as soldiers in the Spanish army under the King Sancho Ramiro de Zalamanca in One of these anecdotal stories tells that it was during those times that the Quiles Coat of Arms came into use. As exciting as those stories sound, until concrete historical evidence is found that can confirm these accounts, these anecdotes must remain legend.

There is no enough historical information to determine which version of the Quiles Coats for Arms came first, Castilla or Aragon or the the Five Moor's Heads? However, in my current research of the Quiles people in Spain, I found the earliest record for a Quiles person, Juan Quiles, who was born in Caudete in the year AD. We can assume the presence of other Quiles people in Caudete, Albacete, and elsewhere in Southern Spain, but more specific historical information must be found to offer as proof of the lives of these Quiles people.

The meaning of the Quiles surname The meaning of the Quiles surname has been documented in difference sources, but a conclusive agreement on its meaning remains elusive. Smith, who is considered to be an authority on Onomatologists in the USA. Clearly, the surname Quiles is a comparatively rare name see Appendix A for more information and its meaning seems to indicate a location territory or region, associated with some place of Spain.

So a person that comes from Quilez described as "a place of ferns", will be called Quiles or de Quiles. According to this source, the Quiles name has been spelled in different ways, such as Quilez, Quile, Quilis and Quyles, but the most common spelling has been Quiles.

Another source, the Dictionary of Spanish Surnames Faure, describes the etymology of the Quiles surname as relating to a person. The original description of the arms shield as found in Atienza's is as follows: "Escudo cortado; 1ro, en campo de oro; un leaon al natural, echado al que ataca un avestruz; y 2do, en campo de plata, dos aguilas volantes de sable".

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Translated, the blazon is described with its colors as: "Divided horizontally; 1st, gold, a naturally colored lion, lying down, being attacked by an ostrich naturaly colored; 2nd, silver; two black eagles flying. The arrival of Quiles people to Puerto Rico According to the genealogical record, the early arrival of Quiles people to Puerto Rico clustered in three main places. The town of Yauco, located in the southwest of the Island, emerges as the place where Quiles people first arrived in This is the earliest year found in the records thus far.

The town of Cidra, located center east on the Island, is the second place with early arrival of Quiles people in Next, the town of Morovis, located in the center on the Island, ranks third with the arrival of Quiles people in The town of Penuelas, which is located near Yauco, is four in order with Quiles people arriving in The town of Naranjito located center east had Quiles people arriving in , the town of Orocovis located center of Island had Quiles people arriving in , and the town of San German located southeast of Island had Quiles people arriving in The genealogical records also indicate that other towns across the Island follow a similar arrival pattern as Camuy located in the northwest of the Island , which had Quiles people present after Researching the internal mobility patterns of Quiles people within the Island was not part of the scope of this inquiry.

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Once again, I invite you to send your feedback about this research. Most of all, I hope that this article serves to motivate other Quiles people to engage in their own research to explore and learn about when their relatives arrived in Puerto Rico. Although doing this type of research in Puerto Rico is difficult because of limited documentary information, enough new knowledge can be elucidated and exposed to the light of history for all to enjoy!


The history of the Quiles people in Puerto Rico is in the hands of the Quiles people of Puerto Rico to document, no one else will do it for us. References Julio de Atienza Navajas. Websource: www. New dictionary of American family names. Diccionario de Apellidos Espanoles.

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Editorial Espasa Calpe, S. Martin de Riquer. Heraldica Castellana [Castillian Heraldry]. Fernando Gonzalez-Doria. Bitacora, S. La Casa Real de Leon y Castilla. Websites: Ancestry. Quiles is the 6,th most popular last name surname in the United States, with a shared population of around 4, individuals. Quiles is the th most popular last name surname in Spain, with a shared population of around 3, individuals. Appendix B Quiles people in the Municipalities of Puerto Rico at present A review of the phone directory for all the municipalities of Puerto Rico was conducted between January 15 and March 15, seeking to identify phone ownership by the Quiles surname.

Only phone numbers listed by Quiles surname as the first last name were included in the review. Therefore, Quiles households with the Quiles surname listed as the second last name in the directory were not counted. Throughout the evening, he expressed his concerns and that of many of Latin American citizens regarding diverse social and political issues concerning Latin America. He changed in and out of shirts displaying controversial messages that were sent to him by his fans through a well-known social media site. In March, Calle 13 performed in front of , people in the Tribuna Antiimperialista de la Habana.

A month later, they went back to the Mexican Vive Latino Festival and played in front of , people, delivering a very successful performance. They also performed in Rock in Rio of Madrid, Spain, in front of 80, people and left the people of Madrid asking for more. During this year, Calle 13 released the official video of their song "Calma Pueblo" "Calm Down, People" , generating great controversy in the media because of its protest lyrics and use of nudity; something in the breath of what photographer Spencer Tunik does with his series of fixed images, which shows that people get used to these types of images, like in paintings and photography, but not when they take on movement or another form.

He visited them in their camps, made his support public, and a few days later marched with students and teachers. Until now, this has been the most important album in the group's career. With this new musical project, Calle 13 experimented and evolved its style, using more elements of Latin American folklore, Afro-beat, Rock, and Merengue, among others, and expressing a bigger social commitment in its lyrics. Entren los que quieran received 10 Latin Grammy Award nominations and won 9 of them. One more time, they won over the Chilean audience giving one of the best shows in the history of the event, where Residente declined to have his performance interrupted to be awarded the well-known statues that they had won, including the Antorcha de Oro Golden Torch , Gaviota de Plata Silver Seagull , Gaviota de Oro Golden Seagull and Antorcha de Plata Silver Torch.

Residente had the words "Fuerza Mapuche" "Be strong, Mapuche" , written on his back and shared the stage with Chilean musicians who do not get the proper recognition in Chile.

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By June of this year, Calle 13 had completed a European tour of about 10 countries, performing 20 concerts in just one month. The same night they won 9 out of the 10 categories for which they were nominated, breaking the record of award wins in the same night. This made them the group with the most Grammy awards won in the history of the Latin Grammy Awards with a total of 19 awards.

This was in response to a formal petition that he made on May 28, , requesting an audience. In the letter to the dignitary, the artist addressed it "on behalf of all the Puerto Ricans that have fought for its independence, the ones that are in jail because of this, the ones that have lost their lives in the middle of the fight and all of us that continue with their legacy".

This meeting was the second one that he had with a President for this purpose. At the end of May, Calle 13 finished their trip around Mexico with a powerful performance that is estimated to have had 60, in attendance at the Wirikuta Fest in the Foro Sol of Mexico City.

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  • Residente had a message drawn on his back that said, "Yo soy " "I am " , in support of the movement of the same name. The group, formed by college students, had raised its voice in protest of the Mexican media to persuade it to broadcast information with truthfulness and integrity, without hiding or distorting any information. Residente surprised his fans with the unexpected appearance of Zack de la Rocha Rage Against the Machine.

    The Mexican-American vocalist and social activist known for his work in favor of undocumented immigrants joined Residente during his performance of "Calma Pueblo". During de la Rocha's appearance on stage, Residente sent a message to all of Latin America that what happens in Wirikuta happens all over the continent; "What belongs to us cannot be touched, cannot be sold, because united people will never be defeated.

    After leaving this important event, he visited Unit 33 in the women's jail in Los Hornos, an institution that has more than female prisoners, many of them pregnant and others with children of ages ranging from newborns to 4 years old. This was in response to an email invitation. The video release coincided with the Supreme Court decision to uphold the most disputed part of the Arizona's anti-immigrant law, SB, which requires police to determine the immigration status of someone arrested or detained when there is "a reasonable suspicion" they are not in the U.

    The general consensus was that Prospect Park had never been so full of people for a concert; as a matter of fact, 5, had stayed outside of the park listening to and enjoying the concert. They continued their European tour performing in different countries, playing 20 concerts in 30 days. They participated in the rock festival Maquinaria Fest together with well-known rock bands, among them Deftones, Marilyn Manson, Kiss and Slayer.

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    The video was recorded in 10 countries under the direction of Simon Brand and with the collaboration of 12 directors from around the world. Afterwards, they performed in the city of La Plata, Argentina, in front of , fans. This was the first time that the Puerto Rican group performed alone in that venue. The group performed in front of 16, fans who sang along with all of the songs. Calle 13 closed their tour of Entren los que quieran in Puerto Rico with a historic concert.

    After being censured on the Island for 3 years, the band performed in front of 30, people and broke attendance records for open concerts on the Island. This was the first time the band composed a song for a movie. They not only had several days of conversations, but during the second day that Residente was in London, they had a Twitcam through his official account Residente that was translated and uploaded to the WikiLeaks Twitter account while it was being transmitted live from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

    The song protested the manipulation, censorship, and hiding of information by the media. The song was published in the "lyrics video" format in Calle 13's YouTube channel, elvecindariocalle13, and could be streamed for free from SoundCloud. Just a month later, they released their first unofficial single, "MultiViral". One of the locations in the video was an Israeli wall that is strongly guarded and has security cameras every feet.

    The song, written and performed by Residente, was composed and musically produced by Visitante. The concert was given in front of the main entrance of the University of Puerto Rico.