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I have two businesses. One business was to have a print ad only and the other was to have internet advertising, for which they would build the website and guarantee xxx number of clicks per month. He said "no problem" if you cant get approval we will cancel the contract. In less than a week, I was being harrassed on a daily basis by the webdesigner asking me for the material and then telling me it couldnt be used.

It takes months to get approval from corporate so I told him to just wait. He then decided to go ahead and take the print ads from my other business and create a website and advertising page. I received an email stated my website was up and running. I was shocked and told by another rep. By March they had corrected some of the material on the website using the original material they said they couldnt use, the same material I still had not received approval to publish. Additionally, they will not give me a credit for the wrong business being adv. I have had to call every singl month about by business phone sservice bill being wrong and the services, for which they mademe committ to for two years are constantly being changed by them!!!

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I signed up with these people not knowing that I could cancel at any given time. Once your in, it the end. Your bound with this contract as long as 1year. I was also told from a buddy that you have to send a cancellation letter to them 30days before your 1 year contracted date.

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Please read the fine print when you meet with the rep. I have also felt the thieves on my neckl. What a lie. I have had no calls from anyone during the four months. I would certainly join a class action. Well, that is illegal in the USA, to deny services to a company or 2 a person for whatever reason.

They can't say, I am only serving construction companies in this location and not in that location. That is against the law I may not even have a home then let alone this computer. I have about 20k to pay to yellow pages Good luck with this horrible company. I know I need it, and well I know I can't make 20k in 6 months Yellow Pages Group has ripped me off as well! My business had moved to a new location so I needed to change my ad before it went to print for the next issue.

I contacted them and arranged for a salesman to come and meet with me so that I could make the changes. He never came on the day he was supposed to and subsequent phone calls went unattended to. Needless to say, I missed the cut off time for the ad to go to print. I spoke with an agent and she agreed to not make me pay for that issue but there was another city book that my company was in that hadn't gone to print yet so I agreed to pay only for that 2nd city book and the online ad assuming the changes would be made.

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Well the secoind book went to print and my ad was not changed. To this day my on-line ad is still wrong and I have begun refusing to pay but they keep calling for payent.

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  4. If it goes to collection, I will sue! I am in the same situation, they got me in a "contract" over the phone, and they are not delivering what was promised lets join together a file a class law suit with them. I was sold a bill of goods by a sales rep one day, and literally the next was told he had quit and they could not get into his account.

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    So they still took my money and considered me signed up, they just have not given me the services that I was promised by the original sales rep. I even have these promises via email. YP doesnt care. My new sales rep says that YP does not offer those particular services and that the old rep should never have told me that. When I said fair enough I want either to cancel or receive a discount on my services as I am getting a third of what was promised I was told that wasnt possible.

    Now I have to get a lawyer involved and sue YP to get this worked out.

    I am Paul Perkins. I have filed a class action in New Jersey. Please contact me if you think you may have a claim against yellowpages. We have filed the case in New Jersey and it may expand to a national class action.

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    Written by Magdalena Georgieva. Yellow Pages used to represent the final stage of the buying process when people were ready to make a purchase decision. But today the buying process is no longer a linear path ending with the book. Instead, it follows the curves and tools of emerging online technologies. Buying behavior is changing rapidly as people shift their research and shopping habits from traditional marketing channels to the Internet. Consumers can educate themselves more than ever about a product or a service before they make a purchase decision.

    They compare prices, check customer reviews, read case studies and receive instant responses to their queries. It is just a matter of time for this change in buying behavior to hit your industry. The shift in consumer behavior has already reached some industries, such as the travel industry and catering.

    In the travel business, a number of online tools have emerged to make the buying process more engaging and educational. All of a sudden, sites like Priceline. Couples preparing for their wedding celebrations also gravitate to the Web for catering information and honeymoon destinations.

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    Plumbers and contractors, for instance, still dominate the phonebook. If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, it can difficult to find enough information about it on the Web. But it is a matter of time for this new buying behavior to slowly make its way to all industries. Actor James Nesbitt starred in a series of commercials for the directory, including one that showed him trapped by a dog and consulting the Yellow Pages for help.

    The directory will be remembered for a host of beloved adverts - the most famous of which, from , showed a gentle elderly man, played by Norman Lumsden above , hunting for an out-of-print book: Fly Fishing by J R Hartley. The Yellow Pages was first published in and rolled out across the UK a decade later. The final print cycle of the Yellow Pages marks Yell's transition to a purely digital service.

    Chief executive Richard Hanscott said: 'After 51 years in production Yellow Pages is a household name and we're proud to say that we still have customers who've been with us from the very first Yellow Pages edition in Like many businesses, Yell has found that succeeding in digital demands constant change and innovation.

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    There was a time when telephone directories around the world were known as White Pages. These directories only featured residential listings. Callers were expected to call the operator to be connected. Yellow pages were used to distinguish commercial listings from non-commercial white-page listings.

    Another classic ad featured a teen who wakes to find his house a tip - and desperately needs a French polisher to sort out scratches on his parents' coffee table. In recent years: Yellow Pages became narrower and shorter; a new version in contained all the same listings but came in a compact version that fitted through the letter box.

    The move came as Yell fought claims that directories were becoming obsolete as consumers switched to the internet. Historically, the Yellow Pages book was about the size of an A4 sheet of paper - 12 inches by nine inches. The new version was about two inches shorter and just under two inches narrower.