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It is important to remember that child support and child custody agreements operate independently of one another.

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Even if your spouse is behind on payments, it is always best to honor the existing custody and visitation agreement. Otherwise, you may find yourself joining your ex-partner in contempt of court. Similar to the original divorce decree, a modification will only work if both parties hold up their end. When one party fails to do what they agreed to or chooses to ignore those things they have been ordered to do, you have every right to hire a family law attorney for assistance in enforcement. As with divorce, it is always preferable for modifications to be reached amicably.

An uncontested modification can arise when a family needs change and both parties agree on the direction that needs to be taken. As with an uncontested divorce , certain requirements will need to be met for this type of modification.

After a divorce is final, can I renegotiate?

During your initial consultation, Attorney Kutty will discuss these things with you in greater detail to help you choose the best way to move forward. Your initial consultation gives you an opportunity to discuss your situation with Ms. Kutty and to learn about all of the options available. Although laws on property division vary a bit from state-to-state, the general rules are the same. Divorcing spouses will have to identify, value, and divide all marital property. Both spouses are required to fill out court forms listing all property they own.

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Spouses must not only specifically list all property, but also include the date the property was purchased. This will give both spouses a clear picture of what needs to be divided. In California, the form is called a Schedule of Assets and Debts. If a court finds out that you provided false information on this form, it could sanction punish you.

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This will depend on the laws of your state, when the property was acquired, and who acquired it, but generally, the rules are as follows:. Next, spouses must agree on values.

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    Finally, couples must decide how to divide their assets. In equitable distribution states, courts strive for an equitable fair division, which may not necessarily be equal. Ordinarily, an MSA is completed at the time of separation, before filing divorce papers.

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    • The Texas Marital Separation Agreement MSA that we provide will cover every major circumstance and enable you to deal with the following issues:. We will draft specific language when required and amend your agreement at any time up to when you file for your divorce. We will provide you with legal advice on issues [needed] to reach agreement with your spouse before you finalize your agreement.

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      Legal advice is included within our fixed fee. This Parenting Plan document is to be used in conjunction with a divorce proceeding involving minor children. It establishes the final parental rights and responsibilities of the mother and father and is incorporated into the divorce decree.

      The plan details parenting schedules, decision making, residential requirements, transportation, communication, and dispute resolution.