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Is there a way to search where the subject is equal to the SAMAccountName or other such account properties? Yes, it is possible. SAMAccountname Of course, it makes more sense if used in a foreach loop, but the example above shows how to do it. Hi, I am running the following command tor try find emails with a persons name in it, but it is picking up words that also contain that name, like Ian being the name so Alliance is being picked up as well:.

Hi Rohit, Getting queries which include a colon is, indeed, a surprising experience. This actually does work falls in the range of specified values does not accept date intervals. Hi Paul, Yes, in this form, the -SearchQuery works without any issues. In the article, I explain that you cannot use the.. Sorry, but the -SearchQuery does not offer advanced filtering when it comes to contacts — it is either all of them or none. So unless you want your users to rely solely on the contacts in the GAL and delete all of their local contacts, you will need to use another way.

You could, for example, use Remove-MailContact if the contact you wish to remove is external. The cmdlet will delete it from AD. It depends on what you wish to accomplish, but you could also use mail flow rules to block messages sent to a specific address or use a smart unsubscribe mechanism. I manage to delete Symantec EV email archiving stubs using loop through days one day at time to get around the limit of search mailbox. Nice job, thank you for sharing! It will help future readers who would like to delete those stubs. Any suggestion how i can do this with search-mailbox?

It might be a good idea to use -EstimateResultOnly or -TargetMailbox and -TargetFolder attributes before actually deleting the results of this query. Can you target a specific folder like the deleted items.

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I know you can search just the dumpster. I am afraid that the Search-Mailbox cmdlet does not let you limit searching to a specific folder. I must admit that this option would prove to be quite useful for many admins. Hi James, First thing, please make sure you are using the received filter, the receive will not work.

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Another problem is, I am not sure which date you try to specify, are you using all the filters at once? If you want to search only those items which were received at a certain date, the first filter should work without problems. The AND operator should work too, but the more complex the query, the more chances you get that something will go wrong.

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This article is of great help. I have one question.

Hi Mina, Search-Mailbox does not allow you to limit search only to Archives, but when it comes to the rest — you can easily query the database for the specified items: First, push subjects and users to variables. Next, take a look at the syntax below. Also, mind that the script will take a while since the query is quite complex.

I am wondering if we could use search-mailbox to copy all items from the archive mailbox to the users production mailbox! Or should i follow the export to pst and then import pst procedure? Hi, You could try it, but you might run into a problem. PowerShell throws an error if you try to use the same identity for both source and target mailbox in the Search-Mailbox cmdlet.

What is more, Search-Mailbox only copies messages to the target folder, it does not put them into their original locations. Hi Yaniv, No, the only date-related attributes available for e-mails are their sent and received date. Thank you for a great article. Can I search for messages sent to and received from a certain domain using this query? The asterisk is expendable when put in front of a value or after it.

Search-Mailbox (Exchange 2013, 2016, 12222, Online): Attributes

Does search-mailbox command work with office exchange online? Hi Wendell, Search-mailbox should work perfectly with Exchange Online. It looks like cmdlets have not been downloaded to the temporary module. Results return with incorrect date and time in the sent and received field. It is one day ahead. Please check if the time and date are correct if you change your time to UTC.

Yes, i used the same command to search the mailbox. However i am getting the result of items received to mailbox within this particular time range. For Example, the conversations stored in conversation history, Sent Items etc,. How to achieve that?

If the query finds a match, it puts a copy of the message to that mailbox folder; the messages can be viewed in Outlook like any other mailbox. While this query is simple, administrators can build complex ones using this Keyword Query Language syntax reference guide. Disabling a mailbox is easy, but this procedure requires caution.

An inexperienced Exchange administrator may not know that disabling a mailbox detaches it from its Active Directory object. When you are prepared to proceed, use this script:. Generate mailbox reports with Exchange Online scripts.

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The Search-Mailbox cmdlet helps track down key messages. Key management techniques for Office administrators.

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