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Recording real estate deeds, probate court orders and other documents is fairly standardized in all 17 Nevada Counties. The following apply to all Nevada Counties:. Some Nevada County Recorders, but not the Clark County Recorder, require an additional one page form stating either that no social security numbers are in the document to be recorded or that there is a social security number and the reason for it.

If you wish to record a deed that transfers property into a trust, the recorder's office will demand to scan a copy of the trust into their computer data base.

This is allegedly not a public document. Most attorneys who write trusts, ourselves included, also give the client an Affidavit and Certificate of Trust which simply states the name of the trust, its address, and who the trustee s , including successor trustees, are.

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Most organizations will look at the Affidavit of Trust instead of the Trust if requested. The inheritance plan of the Trust is not included in the Affidavit of Trust which protects privacy.

If so, homesteading your home or mobile home can help you! If you get sued and a judgment is been entered against you, the person or company that wins the lawsuit can force the sheriff to sell your home or mobile home to pay off the judgment. However, if you "homestead" your home or mobile home, in most instances the person or company that wins the lawsuit cannot force a sale of your home or mobile home.

A "homestead" means that you have filed a declaration of homestead form with the county recorder's office. You may homestead your property to protect it from creditors. You must own or be buying your home or mobile home to homestead. You must live in your home or mobile home. If you rent it out to someone else you cannot homestead the home or mobile home, even though you own it.

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It does not matter whether you are single, married or an unmarried head of household. All people may homestead their home. You may homestead your mobile home even though you don't own the land the mobile home sits on. Some mortgages may prohibit homesteading. You should check with your bank or financial institution to learn whether the institution restricts your right to homestead your property.

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A homestead will not protect your home or mobile home if the judgment is for:. First obtain a Declaration of Homestead form.

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Most office supply stores and the County Recorder's office carry the forms. It is available online at Access Clark County.

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Read the Declaration of Homestead form carefully. Be sure to fill in all of the blanks. Sign it before a notary and print your name beneath your signature.