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View Records. A user agreement is required for each account. Please fill out the form with the appropriate information. Scan your agreement and email it to publicview mypinellasclerk.

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Upon receiving the agreement, we will setup your account as quickly as possible. Once the process is complete, an email confirmation will be sent with your Username and temporary password. In recent years, the Florida Legislature has limited publicly available information on all Clerk's Office websites statewide. Pursuant to Section General access will no longer be offered to the Clerk's Confidential Official Records documents.

For an initial set-up fee and an annual usage fee, you will be given access to a secure, password-protected website with all the same Official Records documents that is currently available on the public terminal workstations at the Pinellas County Clerk's Office. If you are interested in this service please complete the "Subscription Agreement for Electronic Access to Official Records.

A subscription agreement is required for each account prior to gaining access to electronic recorded documents. Please complete the subscription agreement including notarized signature. Also, if you have an old login account from our previous system and would like to use the same login ID number, please write your Username at the bottom of the form.

B If you have existing Draw Down Account Deposit Account you can submit your subscription agreement to Recording Services by email at recording mypinellasclerk. If you would like to create a Draw Down Account, please click here. Email questions to: recording mypinellasclerk. If you are seeking copies of a record or document and it is not available free via the methods listed below, visit our copy request center for a quote of costs.

We will typically provide you with either a paper or electronic copy of the document you are seeking. Records requests made concerning the administration of non-court information should be directed to the Public Records Liaison, in accordance with County Policy.

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Various offices throughout Pinellas County are equipped with public view terminals to provide convenient access to online and other records. While many records are electronic, others, particularly older records, may only be available in paper or microfilm format. Please be sure you are going to a location capable of providing access to the records you seek before visiting.

The Pinellas County Clerk's office can perform record searches for cases filed in Pinellas County only. If you require copies of documents from the files, standard copy prices will apply. You will be contacted by email with the dollar amount to process the request. You may also request a Record Search in person at any of our locations:. North County Branch U.

Location & Hours

Petersburg Branch 1st Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL Record searches that include Juvenile cases must be made by the defendant in person with valid identification. Please contact our office at if you need any additional information or have questions regarding this process. For microfilm of Civil and Family cases, please call or email civilcert mypinellasclerk. Many older or confidential court records may be viewed by visiting our record center.

Please call to ensure records are available. Your Clerk of the Circuit Court is authorized to "redact" black out or conceal specific information from an Official Record or a court file upon request. There is no fee for this service. In order to determine eligibility to have your cased sealed or expunged, you will first need to obtain an application to seal or expunge your case records by visiting the Florida Department of Law Enforcement FDLE website.

The purpose of this application process is to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility prior to petitioning the court.

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The packet consists of the application and fingerprint card. All Rights Reserved. Background Check First Name. Last Name. Online People Search First Name. Information When Locating or Relocating a Business in Florida Location data interactive map revealing community qualities and characteristics.

Available building site search. Enterprise zone locator. Regional and data maps of industries, county profiles and infrastructure. Online research of an area using economic and statistical collected data. Rural Economic Development Associations and Organizations Finder Search for state, federal, public and private resources for rural areas. Lookup rural revolving loan programs, expedited permitting process, infrastructure fund grants, regional development and small business credit initiative. State government and agencies assist rural areas of critical concern from economic events or natural disasters.

Florida Electronic Library and Information Services Lookup books, authors, journal articles in education. Full access to three hundred journals updated daily. Web reference to world almanacs and teacher resources. Find answers to general search questions. Online student resources of all grade levels K Florida Division of Library and Information Services Search for libraries with a map, partial or city name, grant projects or staffing personnel by name, city or keyword.

Download library lists. Online database of data for and about state libraries. Lookup contact information, email address and personnel staffing, web addresses of Florida related organizations. Florida State Government Document Depository Program List of state document depositories location and contact information.

Public information access about Florida's state document depository Program. Find a database by title or subject under the categories of education, business, economics, genealogy, biography, health and medicine. Online publications from all state agencies. Florida League of Cities Data and Research Research information provided from the center for municipal research and innovation.

Reported city revenues and expenditures from to , , and surveys. Look into salaries, benefits, city and county performance indicators. Economic and social trends, and demographic data. Florida Attorney General Consumer Protection Directory Laws in regard to consumers and filing a complaint, fraud, scams and e-Service information.

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Find resources to assist with lemon laws, antitrust, Medicaid abuses, federal trade commissions fraud prevention issues and other services for Florida consumers. State of Florida Organizational Chart Agency Directory Chart of major government agencies, boards, commissions, legislative and judicial branches. Visual reference guide to departments through out the state and access to their public program summaries.

Conduct a search by topic areas or list indexing programs by agency. Refer to public services by linking to official individual sites and resources by agency name. Major departments include services for Florida's elderly, education for children, emergency management resources and state service to its citizens. Florida Local Building Officials Directory Lookup county and city building offices throughout the state to obtain building permits in your area. Issuance and inspection ensuring state requirements are met. Listings show address or physical location , email addresses and contact information.

Resources for businesses and individuals from various state and federal departments in regard to ports along Florida coasts. List of documents online, routes and access to official port sites. Florida Recreational Hunting, Fishing Licenses and Permits Find information about obtaining licenses for residents and non residents online, from retail stores, by telephone or tax collectors offices. Lookup public land use areas, requirements set forth by the department, licensing fees due, online applications and forms.

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Interactive university data of enrollment, degrees, credit hours versus full time student enrollment and expenditures. Florida Office of Student Financial Assistance Programs Apply, search and check the status of state grants, scholarships, loans and applications for various post secondary education help for students.

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View a list of state administered grants and program requirements, eligibility, procedures, amounts and renewal. Florida Community College System Directory Listings of campus location across the state of Florida, website and contact. Listings of staff, including president and counselors. Instruction and student admissions, degrees that can be obtained, ways of paying for college, enrollment and student support services. Florida Public Schools and Districts Find public school contacts and student resources for enrollment, instruction and curriculum.

Information of public school district directory, contacts, calendars, standards and improvement. Virtual public Kindergarten through twelfth grade virtual education. Independent Education and Parental Directed Educational Option Independent education and parental directed educational options, home education programs and requirements for home schooling children in Florida.

Choosing a program, support by the state's department of education and dual enrollments. Search each county for a list of nonpublic post secondary schools and colleges' contact information, campus and individual websites.