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Our web app has provided millions of people with detailed information from public records. TruthFinder compiles relevant information from federal, state, and local government sources and organizes them in an easy-to-read report. The TruthFinder app gives you access to those reports on your phone. We love feedback from our members!

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For help using TruthFinder, go to www. Our help site has answers to the most frequently asked questions about our background search service. For more information about TruthFinder, visit www. TruthFinder takes member privacy seriously. Our complete privacy policy can be read at www. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. See more. If you fail to pay the lien, the bank takes ownership of your home.

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An involuntary lien is one where the lien was created by law and not a contract. Unlike a felony, a misdemeanor is a less serious crime, like certain traffic offenses and minor drug offenses. Some misdemeanors require the person to serve jail sentences in a local city or county jail, and most sentences are short.

However, misdemeanor sentences can run consecutively, allowing for some to serve many years in jail. Protect your children. Best structured settlement annuity companies Sell your annuity for quick cash.

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It should go without saying, but using background check services makes it far too easy for people to step over the line. As such, you should never use the information to do the following:. All of these are stalking behaviors as outlined by the Department of Justice. Always be respectful of other people's boundaries.

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Use the information for hiring, lending or renting decisions. The same goes for lending money or renting property. For those purposes, you have to get written consent from the individual and use a different kind of background check. A felony conviction is not like a debt collection issue on a credit report. And for good reason - felonies are considered the most serious criminal offenses a person can commit within society - murder, arson, fraud, armed robbery, sexual assault, etc.

However, according to Criminal Watch Dog , you can get a felony removed from a background check, but only if you apply for the record to be expunged. Rather, a pardoned crime is just noted as having been forgiven by a person in executive power, like the Governor or President. Requirements for expungement vary by state. The state also has a complicated list of other reasons for denying expungement, most of which involve felony and misdemeanor convictions showing a pattern of criminal activity. In , the Insurance Information Institute reported that over That's about 4 percent of the population.

Adding to the concerns about the safety of your personal information is the dramatic rate of data breaches in Basically, the chances your personal information is already on the dark web is high. These are, according to Clements, nothing to worry about. Since this kind of identity theft is common enough, banks and financial institutions are very good at making things right, so long as you report the fraud as soon as possible. In fact, 96 percent of people who experienced identity theft never had to pay a dime. The identity theft you should worry about is identity takeover.

This is when someone uses your personal information to open new accounts, credit cards and loans. However, this kind of identity theft is rare, occurring to only 4 percent of the people who experience identity theft.

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  6. So even with all the data breaches occurring each year, the chances your information will be purchased on the dark web is almost on par with winning the lottery. Albeit a terrible kind of lottery. Protecting yourself against this kind of fraud is not as easy. It requires keeping a studious eye on your credit reports on all three credit reporting services.

    In addition, recovering from identity takeover can be complicated and painful. Fortunately, an entire service industry has popped up to do the monitoring and recovery for you. You can read our reviews of the best identity theft protection services to learn more. A background check is part of most hiring processes, but it can be unclear what happens between when you grant the company permission to run one and when the hiring manager makes their decision.

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    Here are some things prospective employers look for in a background check and what red flags may cause them to reject you:. A standard background check for employment looks at your employment history, criminal history, credit history, driving history and educational history. For example, having poor credit may only affect an employment decision if the job involves handling money or having a company card. In general, prospective employers run background checks to verify the information you provided and to see if there are any criminal convictions in your past.

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    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides protections that prevent employers from outright rejecting an applicant based on criminal records. This varies from state to state and depends on the nature of the job you apply for. According to data collected by Sterling Talent Solutions , the majority of employers only disqualify 5 percent of prospective employees based on criminal history found in a background check. When you apply for a job, there are a few things you can do to potentially improve the results and successfully get a job offer.

    First, be as honest as possible. If you know something may come up, tell the company when they ask permission to run a background check. You should also be as accurate as possible when applying, and keep a copy of your records on hand. In addition, look at your credit reports before applying and contest any inaccuracies.

    During our research, we found some services had more accurate reports than others. The worst services included information that was nearly 20 years out of date and had incorrect criminal histories. This is especially a problem when you search for someone with a common name. Because identity theft is very popular these days, it is important to have en efficient process for checking the identity of the person with whom one is transacting.


    There are many ways to do this and one is through free background checks offered online. Some can also provide background on license and other government records.