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If you see a discrepancy, please contact us. OnlineVitals does not collect, share, or retain personal data from our users for any purpose. Lebanon County State Health Center. Lancaster County Historical Society N. President Ave. Lancaster, PA The Archives collection is comprimised principally of records of the following Clerk of Courts - Criminal, Recorder of Deeds, Prothonotary, Register of wills.

Lebanon PA Social Security Office

Mortgages were included in the record books until when the Mortgage book series was begun. Wills are recorded from Lancaster Co. City Directory. Lebanon County Historical Society.

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Lebanon Co. City Directory, dated Lehigh County Historical Society P.

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In some cases, other third parties can apply for children. You should bring certain items when you apply. Even if you do not have all of the things listed below, apply anyway. The people in the Social Security office can help you get whatever is needed.

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Please bring: - Your Social Security card or a record of your Social Security number; - Your birth certificate or other proof of your age; - Information about the home where you live, such as your mortgage or your lease and landlord's name; - Payroll slips, bank books, insurance policies, burial fund records and other information about your income and the things you own; - The names, addresses and telephone numbers of doctors, hospitals and clinics that you have been to, if you are applying for SSI because you are disabled or blind; - Proof of U.

If you are approved for SSI, you must receive your payments electronically. For more information, visit www.

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How to apply online? Visit www. The online forms are available to you seven days a week during the following hours Eastern time : Monday-Friday: 5 a. Saturday: 5 a. Sunday: 8 a. Holidays: 5 a.

How do I apply for a replacement Social Security number card? There is no cost to obtain a free or new Social Security Card. Then, either mail in your application or visit your local office. Try to make an appointment before visiting your location Social Security Office.

How do I change or correct my name on my Social Security number card? If you legally change your name due to marriage, divorce, or any other reason, you need to go to your local office.

How do I apply for Social Security retirement benefits? It is recommended that you apply for retirement benefits three months before you want your payments to start. One or more of the following documents may be needed in order to apply online. The end of the online application will provide instructions on where to submit them. The documents we may ask for are: Original birth certificate or other proof of birth [more info] You may also submit a copy of your birth certificate certified by the issuing agency ; Proof of U. I see a problem with a listing, who do I contact?