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Release of identifying information from an adoption agency is also somewhat complex, based on the date of the placement and whether a birth parent objects to the release of information. Even in cases where an affidavit objecting to release has been filed with the agency, an adoptee may seek release of identifying information through court action, in which the objecting birth parent may present evidence to the court as to why information should not be released.

These provisions do not apply to adoptees who were placed for adoption prior to August 1, Replacement Birth Records Subdivision 1. Upon receipt of a certified copy of an order, decree, or certificate of adoption , the state registrar shall register a replacement vital record in the new name of the adopted person. The original record of birth is confidential pursuant to section The information contained on the original birth record, except for the registration number, shall be provided on request to a parent who is named on the original birth record. Upon the receipt of a certified copy of a court order of annulment of adoption the state registrar shall restore the original vital record to its original place in the file.

Adoption of foreign persons. In proceedings for the adoption of a person who was born in a foreign country, the court, upon evidence presented by the commissioner of human services from information secured at the port of entry or upon evidence from other reliable sources, may make findings of fact as to the date and place of birth and parentage.

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Upon receipt of certified copies of the court findings and the order or decree of adoption, a certificate of adoption, or a certified copy of a decree issued under section The certified copies of the court findings and the order or decree of adoption, certificate of adoption, or decree issued under section The birth record shall state the place of birth as specifically as possible and that the vital record is not evidence of United States citizenship. Subsequent marriage of birth parents. If, in cases in which a record of birth has been registered pursuant to section The original record of birth is confidential, pursuant to section Incomplete, incorrect, and modified vital records.

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If a court finds that a birth record is incomplete, inaccurate, or false or if it is being issued pursuant to section Upon receipt of the order, the registrar shall register a replacement vital record containing the findings of the court. The prior vital record shall be confidential pursuant to section Replacement of vital records.

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Upon the order of a court of this state, upon the request of a court of another state, or upon the filing of a recognition of parentage with the state registrar, a replacement birth record must be registered consistent with the findings of the court or the recognition of parentage. Every licensed child-placing agency in the state shall cooperate with the commissioner of human services in efforts to notify an identified parent.

All communications under this subdivision are confidential pursuant to section The contact shall be by an employee or agent of the licensed child-placing agency which processed the pertinent adoption or some other licensed child-placing agency designated by the commissioner of human services when it is determined to be reasonable by the commissioner; otherwise contact shall be by mail or telephone. Sign In. Birth Records Clay County can make birth certificates for people born in Minnesota. Do not sign until you are present in the office. Show government issued photo identification.

Pay the corresponding fees by cash, check or credit card. Show identification and sign the completed application in front of a notary. Have the notary sign the application and apply their notary seal. You can print and complete a form or you can call or email the Clay County Recorder's Office to request that a form be mailed or faxed to you. Confidential Birth Records Some records are confidential and can only be obtained by some people. A parent named on the birth record.

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Only public records are available for viewing. You can also access these records for free at the public terminals located in the lobby of the BCA office. To obtain a complete criminal history record of another person, you will need to submit a notarized Informed Consent Form signed by the subject of the background check.

Send this, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope and payment, by mail to the BCA address above. You may also bring the completed, signed, and notarized consent form to BCA office to submit your request in person. Incident and accident reports for Dakota County are available from the various police departments of the cities and townships of the county. The City of Hastings is the county seat.

To obtain police or accident report for the city, complete this request form and send it by email to pdrecords hastingsmn. You can also mail it to:.

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In accordance with state law, registration information for compliant offenders are private. However, the public can obtain information about non-compliant offenders. Select Dakota from the county list to restrict your search to this county.

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  7. Its contact phone number is Use the Jail Inmate Search tool to look up individuals current incarcerated in the facility. To send money to an inmate in this facility, come to the kiosk in the jail lobby. Cashand credit card deposits are accepted. This kiosk is available 24 hours a day and every day. Box J Hastings, MN The Dakota County District Court has three courthouses situated in separate locations. Find the addresses and contact details of these courthouses below:. Paul, MN Phone: Fax: